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Our Story

Tradis was founded in late 2017 by Catalan cousins Eudald and Jaume. They combined their strengths: Eudald's knowledge of AI and Jaume's experience in Software Development. To complement their skills, they asked Matus to add his experience of trading to the mix.

After two years of research and development, Tradis released its first fully automated, artificially intelligent trading strategy: Procyon.

Today we are a team of five, Emília and Dennis joined Tradis already nearly two years ago and Procyon has been running for over nine months with a remarkable performance that easily beats the buy & hold strategy.

Tradis has been running in the cloud with the help of startup grants from Google and Amazon. Our AI has been in closed beta for a while and now we are ready to open up to the rest of the world.

Eudald Correig Fraga

Chief Intelligence Officer

Eudald is a machine learning specialist and data scientist with experience in biomedicine. He holds a Master of Science degree in theoretical and mathematical physics. He is working as a researcher and innovator in the field of AI, making artificially intelligent trading possible while also creating AI guided intervention to overcome learning difficulties.

Jaume Mulé Fraga

Chief Technical Officer

Jaume is a software engineer with years of experience building top products in European startups. He holds a Master of Science in Advanced computer engineering and specializes in software architecture, security and performance.

Matus Poruban

Chief Executive Officer

Matus has been part of many successful IT projects. He worked on different projects throughout his career via a leading mobile software development agency. And has worked at a leading fintech startup in The Netherlands. Matus combines his passion for fintech with the ability to build great product and development teams to achieve big goals. In Tradis, he is the man with the plan.

Emília Garcia Casademont

AI Expert

Emilia holds a Phd (Cum Laude) in Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence. She is a professor of Data Science, data scientist and natural language processing expert with several years of hands-on experience. Emília is a member of our AI team where she researches and develops new implementation strategies and techniques.

Dennis Korff

Web Developer

Dennis is an experienced web developer and user experience architect developing end to end solutions for various large corporations. He has a Bachelor’s Degree of Communication and Multimedia Design and always puts our customers in the center of his work. That’s how we build Tradis.

Mario Pereira

Infrastructure Engineer

Mario is an infrastructure engineer with many years of experience in building scalable and secure cloud infrastructures. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He is responsible for the Tradis cloud infrastructures, automation, and CI/CD.

Tradis AI

The team has been training and nurturing our AI. Its models are Deep Reinforcement Learning, using (Double) Deep Q-Learning and Proximity Policy Optimization with the Convolutional and LSTM based neural networks. That's quite a mouthful! What we're trying to say is that this is far from just a bot.

The team feeds information to the AI they have built and makes sure it understands that data. From the data the AI analyses, it forms a conclusion to buy, sell or hold and passes this signal to the Tradis system.