Trade smarter with Artificial Intelligence

Discover a new way of growing your money, using the power of AI on the crypto market

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The power behind Tradis

Artificial intelligence and finance are made for each other

  • AI is smart

    Over 80% of all trades in markets are executed by algorithms, which work by a predefined set of rules. However, financial markets change all the time and these algorithms do not have the ability to adapt to these changes. Our Reinforced Learning Engine is constantly learning and adapting to new situations ensuring a constant and optimal performance.

  • AI just works

    Automated execution has a big advantage over humans. Unlike humans, Artificial Intelligence can work without breaks and accomplish assignments faster than any human can do. AI algorithms are not biased and do not show emotions. They are designed with one objective: achieving your goals.

  • AI connects the dots

    We believe that Artificial intelligence is the future. In finance deep learning and other machine learning techniques are used to spot trends, find patterns and connect the dots. To date, only big investment firms had access to these techniques. Soon, they will also be available to you.

Tradis is built for you

With AI on my money, and my money on AI

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Machines are fast, reliable and are becoming more and more intelligent. Thanks to our reinforcement learning-based agents, they are constantly learning from previous experiences.

  • Fully Automated

    No need to lift a finger to make money with Tradis. Everything is automated. Analysis, decisions, executions and protection work around the clock for you.

  • Easy and Accessible

    Everybody will be able to use our technology. Knowledge of the financial markets or a large sum of money aren't needed. Start small and Tradis takes care of everything for you.

  • Transparent

    Complete transparency is what we stand for. It is crucial to us that you have easy access to information on how your money is treated at all times.

  • Risk Management

    Our systems monitor what is happening within the markets at all times. They are designed to protect you from unnecessary losses.

  • Withdraw

    Withdraw your money at any time. Whether you've reached your goals or your situation has changed. You always have complete control over your money.

We only get paid when you get paid

You don't need to pay any commissions for our services before you start.
We are confident in our AI and we take commissions only after you make money.