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Version: 1.0 ( August 31, 2020 )

Welcome to the Tradis frequently asked questions.
We hope all of your questions will be answered and concerns clarified.


What do you do?

We trade cryptocurrencies with Artificial intelligence.

Do I need to Deposit any coins?

No, you don't need to deposit. Your coins are always stored in your exchange, and all balances are taken from there.

How much money can I make?

We do not guarantee any profit. Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns.

Safety and Security

Where is my money stored?

Your money is stored safely in your wallet on the exchange of your preference. We never try to withdraw your money.

Is that safe?

We only store your wallet API credentials provided by your exchange of preference. They are safely encrypted in our database, and this is securely isolated from the internet. Although, remember security responsibility is also shared between you and Tradis. Never ever store, share or distribute those API keys to anyone and, if the exchange of your preference allows it, restrict the API credentials permissions at minimum to trade.

Do you encrypt my data?

Yes, your personal data is safely stored and encrypted with strong algorithms. Tradis is 100% GDPR compliant.

Can I whitelist your IP in my exchange?

We, unfortunately, do not allow that at the moment. Tradis is in constant expansion and a scale-up decision could block the automated trading in your account if that IP changes one day.


Any trading requirements?

Currently we have very minimal trading requirements. You can start with 50 euro.

Can I set a percentage of the wallet to trade?

At the moment full BTC and USDT amount in the wallet is traded.

Do you have risk management?

We have multiple layers of covering the risk. From the infrastructure to trading. We trade with multiple trading strategies with different risk settings. All of them are also checked if they receive suspicious data

Artificial Intelligence

What type of AI do you use?

All of Tradis models are Deep Reinforcement Learning. We use (Double) Deep Q-Learning and Proximity Policy Optimization with the Convolutional and LSTM based neural networks.

How do you ensure constant improvement and learning?

Continuous improvement is ensured on various levels. We retrain our production models every two weeks in order to feed the latest data and monitor market behavior changes.

Next to this, we are trying new deep learning methods and approaches paired with different trading indicators and methods to improve and find new working combinations.

Last but not least we developed an approach were are trying to better understand how different network layers behave and how AI learns what works and what doesn't.

If you could not find an answer to your question, please help us and let us know.
Together we become better faster.

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